Sustainability at Hyundai.

  • Sustainability isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a car manufacturer. But at Hyundai, we’re breaking the mould. We’ve got big ambitions to become the future of mobility as we play our part in creating a more sustainable world. And that means having the right people on board, who share our passion and our vision.

    To us, mobility means much more than cars. And our significant investments in the future of mobility, including battery electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and sustainability are already becoming reality.


By neutralising CO2 emissions at all stages of production and operation, we’re in progress to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. But there’s no quick fix. As a business, we recognise that we need a holistic approach to a sustainable future. For us, it’s about developing mobility solutions for all parts of society. And we’re determined to ensure universal mobility without causing harm to our planet.

  • We’re committed to creating a world that is healthier, more inclusive, and more eco-positive for Generation One - our term for the first generation who will live in a carbon-neutral world. We’ve looked at every part of our business and we’ve made a plan. An ambitious plan. But here at Hyundai, we aren’t afraid of a challenge.

    Sustainability presents an opportunity, not just for us as a business but for those that want to work with us. This is the biggest change for the automotive industry since its inception. If you share our passion for creating a sustainable society, help us be the change the world needs. Join us.

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