Eduard and Jana’s stories

  • Can you tell us about your roles at Hyundai?

    Jana: “I’m Market Intelligence Lead within the Product Strategy team. My day to day role focuses on collecting product insights. I look into mega trends and how they will affect Hyundai in the future - and try to draw conclusions for our product strategy.”

    Eduard: “I’m Head of Product Planning and Market Intelligence, in the Product and Marketing team. A big part of what we do involves monitoring Hyundai’s long-term CO2 target - to become carbon neutral by 2045. It’s a long journey ahead, but I am truly confident that we will achieve it. With every car we launch, everything improves.”

  • How is Hyundai contributing to a more sustainable future?

    Jana: “Sustainability as a whole is the mega trend. More and more, consumers are looking to buy sustainable products and are willing to spend more on them, too. I think it’s important that companies like Hyundai show that they’re taking this issue seriously and that they’re willing to make an effort to play a part in the shift that the whole world now has to make. It’s our responsibility to do the right thing - and I think Hyundai is well-equipped to achieve its ambition of becoming more than just an automotive company”

  • How is Hyundai contributing to a more sustainable future?

    Eduard: “Mobility and everything related to mobility will play a huge role in our greener future. Making changes today is crucial, to take care of the next generations - and the future of our planet. At Hyundai, I think everybody’s pushing in the same, sustainable direction - from design, to marketing, to PR. And for my team, our challenge is to reduce costs and to improve how we introduce all these new technologies and materials.”

  • What moves you?

    Eduard: “During the four years that I’ve worked at Hyundai, I’ve been able to propose many different things. Seeing your ideas come to life in our end product is amazing - especially if you love cars as much as I do. So to me, it’s about passion. I think passionate people make the difference.”

    Jana: “I like challenges. And our sustainability journey is certainly a big one. I also really appreciate Hyundai as an employer.

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