Simone's story

  • Simone, Workplace Experience Manager

    Since joining Hyundai two years ago, I’ve been in charge of many different projects. From choosing eco-friendly flooring in our canteen to removing single-use coffee cups, I’m committed to increasing sustainability across the business, wherever possible.
    One of the bigger projects I’m currently working on involves the remodeling of our office from single office spaces to an open office space. Whether we’re choosing carpet or dismantling walls, we’re trying to be as sustainable as possible with everything we do. The second big project that I’m part of involves building the EV charging infrastructure in our facilities. We currently have 109 charging spots in total and the amount of colleagues using them is increasing month by month.

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" I love working on sustainable projects like this. Hyundai is taking huge steps in terms of sustainability and encourages all of its employees to do the same. I’m very happy to be helping introduce my colleagues to more sustainable behaviours and playing a role in Hyundai’s sustainability journey. "