Lavinia’s story      

  • Lavinia Baitoiu, Corporate Communications Manager

    I’m responsible for coordinating the corporate PR team at Hyundai Europe. Our partnership with Healthy Seas - a charity committed to cleaning the seas of marine litter - is a long term commitment from Hyundai towards marine protection. But even more importantly, towards a circular economy. As a smart mobility provider, our ultimate goal is to enable Healthy Seas to collect waste fishing nets more sustainably, by providing them with hydrogen trucks and electric boats. We’re also starting to introduce Econyl floor mats into our EV vehicles - a material made from Healthy Seas’ recycled fishing nets.

  • Sustainability is a topic that is also extremely important to me on a personal level. So I am also trying to understand more about sustainable practices and how we can implement them at a business level. I’m a nature lover – every time I climb a mountain or go to the beach, I’m amazed by the beauty of nature.

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  • I think the worst thing that we can do as humans is take it all for granted and ruin these majestic things, so it’s important that we all play our part in creating a better future. It’s what I try to do personally with the choices that I make in everyday life. And I’m privileged to work for a company that shares my vision.

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