What moves you, drives us

What moves you, drives us

‘What moves you, drives us’ is our promise to our employees. It invites everyone to keep moving forward and leading the way, and never stop challenging convention. 
It encourages our teams to care more and create better, to be yourselves at your best and think unlimited while working as one.
This promise is founded on four pillars: Growth and success, Diverse and supportive environments, Freedom and scope to try and do more and Pride and impact.
We asked our people to share photos of what moves them, and you can see how their response reflects the pillars of our promise.

  • We’re immensely proud of everything we’ve all achieved. Today, thanks to our international excellence and local know-how, we’re a major player in Europe. Now, to fulfil our ambitions and achieve greater success, we need to think unlimited: we need to set our own direction, not follow others. We need more innovation, creativity, collaboration, and new minds for new directions.

    Growth and success is at the heart of Hyundai – our people challenge themselves to learn new skills and achieve personal goals. And that drives us to push ourselves, try new things and take on the world.

  • The unknown can be uncomfortable, but we will always back our people because we believe in them. It’s because we give ownership to individuals that we all succeed. We trust our people to be innovative and creative. We give them the opportunity and the responsibility to develop their own ideas and projects, to truly own what they do.

    Freedom is so important to our people – the ability to enjoy the outdoors and exploring new perspectives. And that is why it’s so important to us at Hyundai - it drives us to push our boundaries and see the world in a new and exciting way.

  • Our strength has always been our diversity: Europeans from across the continent and Korean colleagues working together as one inclusive team. It brings different ideas and outlooks and experiences.

    Our people are driven by the relationships they build with family and friends who they learn from, who support them and push them. That drive is what makes us better - every single day. So while we celebrate and benefit from our differences, we are united by a real talent for what we do and a desire to improve and innovate.

  • Our desire to become better and offer the mobility solutions that the world demands is unrelenting. But that’s how we succeed: by always moving forward and constantly striving for better. And it’s how we can offer everyone the chance to be proud of what they - personally - have achieved.

    Our people have so much pride – both in their personal or working lives, in their families, in their outlook, and in their achievements. We want everyone at Hyundai to see the effect they can have, and to be part of our journey to future mobility.